The Palace dates back to 1882 . . .

The Meredith and Ailman bank building was built in a superior manner. The iron front,
painted dark green presented a remarkably fine appearance and the facade looked very
imposing, according to the New Southwest.

The Silver City Enterprise announced the opening of the Palace Hotel on March 1, 1900.
"The new owner, Max Shutz, spared no pains or expense to make the new hotel an
up-to-date house in every respect . . . every modern hotel convenience such as closets,
bath rooms, electric lights, the building renders the conveniences unexcelled by any hotel
of this city."

Owners Cal and Nancy Thompson, with the help of the Main Street Project and the New
Mexico Historical Preservation Office, have restored the Palace to its former elegance,
reopening it in July, 1990.
106 W. Broadway
Silver City, NM 88061-5093
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