was founded in 1870 . . .

The town site was laid out and
christened Silver City because rich
deposits of chloride silver were
discovered west of town. A bright future
was predicted for the new mining camp.  
However in 1893 the bottom dropped out
of the silver market. Mines closed down
and the camps became ghost towns. But
Silver City moved ahead.

Today's Silver City offers much for the
tourist; it is the gateway to the 558,065
acre Gila Wilderness area, historic Pinos
Altos, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Catwalk,
Mogollon and other ghost towns, City of
Rocks State Park, museums, and much
more for everyone to enjoy.
106 W. Broadway
Silver City, NM 88061-5093
Located in Silver City's Historic Downtown District
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Silver City